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NEC's AFIS Internet User's Group is comprised of a diverse group of local, state, national and international identification management professionals engaged in applications of biometric technologies, including fingerprint, facial recognition, iris matching and other modalities such as voice and DNA.  Its membership includes acknowledged subject matter experts and experienced practitioners dedicated to the planning and effective management of biometrics-based identification solutions.  These solutions address a wide range of public safety and security needs including:  law enforcement; secure ID credential issuance; border management; transportation (e.g. airport) security; and physical and logical access control.

As a NEC AFIS user and member you have access to benefits that offer network opportunities, a shared management environment and, products and services that will directly benefit you and your agency.  The purpose of the website is to provide NEC AFIS users with a forum to share information about the acquisition, operation and maintenance of NEC related solutions.

The AFIS INTERNET Board feels that this site is needed for NEC AFIS users to more effectively communicate.  With this in mind, the Board would like to solicit information from NEC AFIS Users regarding what website content would benefit NEC AFIS Users.  Please forward any questions, comments, or suggestions to


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